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Light of Hope Statement: To provide practical and immediate financial support to local cancer patients and their families so they can focus on healing.


Please read the following paragraph before completing the application:

1. To be eligible, you must be living in Rice County or receiving treatment in Rice County; and in active treatment for cancer, including chemotherapy/immunotherapy, radiation, and/or surgery with a recovery time of more than four weeks.


2. Financial Program Grants are available to oncology patients to provide additional financial assistance due to extreme hardship.


3. Financial Program applications are considered and processed pursuant to Light of Hope guidelines, which are available online or a hard copy can be provided upon request for details.


4. Please have the first and last name and contact information of your Social Worker, Nurse Navigator, or Medical Provider.


5. Financial Program Grants are generally paid directly to the company owed. Please have the name, your account number and the address of the company owed ready.


6. Have not received Light of Hope Cancer Foundation Funding in the prior 12 months.


7. Maximum funding for 2023 is $500 per individual.

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