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Cancer Affects Families.....  Now there is a

Light of Hope

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When you hear the word "Cancer", it can take your breath away.  Facing this disease takes all you have and often your family is right there alongside you.  Often, we find there are needs that are not covered by insurance or an association.  There is a saying, "Plant at least one small signal fire at the end of the dark road so I may keep plodding steadily toward it."   Light of Hope Cancer Foundation is that fire.  We are the hope, the beacon where you and your family can find help.
Breast Cancer Awareness Race

Upcoming Events

LOH Celebration

 Sept 14, 2024

Gold Ribbon

Our Mission

To empower local cancer patients and families to focus on treatment and healing by providing immediate and practical financial support while advocating and fundraising for research, education and cancer prevention



We welcome volunteers and are excited for you to learn more about various opportunities. 

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How to Donate

Your donation makes a difference and directly impacts the lives of families right in the Faribault community. 

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